Youniversal, Electronic 3D Glasses That You Can Personalize

Still haven’t found a pair of 3D glasses for all the stereoscopic delights the immediate future’s about to bring your way?  Here’s one you might prefer over the competition: the Youniversal, billed as the world’s first personalized 3D electronic eyewear.

Created by Xpand, the specs offers up a nice break from the one-size-fits-all designs that exist among the current crop of 3D glasses.   The personalization don’t stop at the physical frames which come in multiple sizes, either — you can tailor the way they work using a number of parameters, too.

The Youniversal can be adjusted to sync with any television that uses active shutter 3D, apart from interfacing with your devices over a variety of connections, including Bluetooth, RF, IR and DLP-link.  Tweaking the parameters isn’t just done to make it work with your home theater gear, though — the idea is to personalize it for your own viewing preferences.  That means, you can customize it to perform more efficiently, depending on a number of factors, such as whether you’re wearing prescription glasses, the room’s ambient brightness or if you’re hankering for subtle 3D effects (as opposed to full-blown, “shark wants to bite your head off” realism).

All modifications can be accomplished via a companion smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android platforms, which makes it quite handy to operate.  Plus, the glasses don’t look all that bad — the Gigodesign-styled frame is actually quite attractive.

Xpand claims the Youniversal is the lightest and fastest active shutter 3D glasses in the market to date.  It will hit stores in April, although price is yet to be announced.

[Youniversal via Technologizer]