Your Bike, Now With Moustache


Everybody's knows that you're only half-as-cool as you can be until you grow a moustache.  Same with your bicycle.  Now, you can help it reach its full potential with a Moustache Badge.

It's a known fact that men with moustaches are plain more awesome than those without.  Seriously, it's why Super Mario (btw, Lou Albano died last month, in case you're a fan of the TV show) is still relevant and everyone else isn't.  Ask Burt Reynolds, he'll agree.


This simple little bike bling from Etsy seller Tangerine Tree House adds a full moustache to your bike's face.  In doing so, your little pedal-pusher earns itself a little more personality, along with a whole lot more panache.  You can even name it Tom Selleck if you want to.  The ladies won't mind.

Made from copper, the moustache head badge measures approximately one inch tall and two inches wide.  It's designed to be worn against the front frame, but doesn't come with its own mounting facility, so you'll have to attach it by either welding, gluing or using a double-sided tape.

Each moustache is shaped by hand, so the one you get may not look exactly like the badge in the photo.  It doesn't matter what differences you end up with though - a moustache, by any other name, is a cool moustache all the same.  You can score one for $55.

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