Your Dog Is Stressed? Get Them A Relaxing Therapy At The Canine Oxygen Cell


Despite how it looks like, they don’t cook dogs in that facility.  Nor is it a washing machine for your furry pets.   It is, in fact, a Canine Oxygen Cell  from Air Press, a luxury equipment where dogs can receive oxygen therapy – you know, where they get to breathe real fresh air.

Why, in heaven’s name, would dogs need a “fresh air machine”?  According to Air Press, regular oxygen therapy will help the animals relax.  Relax from what, of course, I have no idea.  The stress of all these strange humans fawning over them and cleaning up their poopoo?  Really?


The pictured Canine Oxygen Cell is available in Wag Style, a dog salon in the heart of Tokyo, where doting owners can take their favorite animals to get their hairs trimmed, their nails cut and their…uhm… lungs cleaned.  While there, they can spend 30 minutes at a time on Air Press’ steel and glass chambers, where they can soak up all that nourishing oxygen their little bodies need.

Yep, some dogs really have all the luck.  Not only do they get people bathing them, feeding them and grooming them, they have people paying to give them time in pollution-free tanks too.  I’m really surprised at the calm expression on those dogs, though – every mutt I’ve had would freak out when thrown in confined spaces.   Maybe it’s the relaxing effect?

I’ve never been to one of those human oxygen centers, but I assume this service is something similar.  The Canine Oxygen Cell costs 2,000 yen (approximately $17) for 30 minutes of inhaling pure oxygen.

[Air Press via Dvice]