Your Magnet Suctions Into Stuff, Acts As Cute Multi-Purpose Attachment

At first glance, the Your Magnet looks like another useless desktop novelty.  I mean,  a horseshoe magnet that isn’t magnetic but sticks using suction cups is cute and all, but where do we really use it?  Fortunately, the product page has some ideas and they look sweet.

Made by Lufdesign, the accessory is styled to look like a tiny horseshoe magnet.  And it can stick kind of like a magnet, too, using a pair of suction cups attached to each end.  That means, you can put it on just about anything, getting yourself an instant handle in the process.

Instead of magnetic metals, Your Magnet is constructed out of friendly neighborhood plastic materials,  decked in a variety of attractive colors .  We have no idea how strong a hold those dual suction cups can make, but they got them serving as mini-handles for disposable cups and iPhones in the product page.  I suggest testing it out first, though — the last thing you want is to be holding the iPhone using the makeshift handle and having the suction cups give out.  It appears to do well as a smartphone stand, however, so I’ll give them that.

Now, for use as a cable retainer, this thing actually looks wonderful.  We’re guessing it should perform capably as a makeshift cubicle hook for light items such as keychains, bracelets and lanyards, as well.

Lufdesign has Your Magnet available directly from their site, priced at $7.