Yuneec Breeze Simplifies Drone Photography For The Rest Of Us


The current generation of high-end drones are pretty awesome, allowing you to take aerial shots that are truly professional-grade. Truth be told, though, most people don’t really need that level of quality. In fact, most people will be happy if their phones can fly and take aerial shots like a drone. While our phones aren’t capable of flying yet, maybe those folks will find the Yuneec Breeze a suitable enough solution for their needs.

Aimed at mainstream users rather than drone enthusiasts, it’s a simplified version of traditional quadcopters, making it a lot more accessible to inexperienced flyers. It’s about the half the size of most high-end drones, too, so it won’t require specialized bags for transporting, making it a lot easier to bring anywhere you go.


The Yuneec Breeze comes with an integrated camera on the nose that can shoot 4K video and 13 megapixel stills. It’s designed to work with an accompanying app, where you can view the real-time feed and pilot the drone, as well as choose from any of the four autonomous flight modes (Selfie, Orbit, Journey, and Follow-Me). An indoor positioning system ensures you can let it loose inside the house without danger of slamming into every appliance and furniture in sight, along with automated landing and return-to-home capabilities, so there’s no need for any piloting skills.


Features include propeller protectors to keep them from running onto other objects, a maximum altitude of 262 feet, and a maximum speed of 16.4 feet per second. It comes with integrated battery that powers it for 12 minutes between charges.

Available now, the Yuneec Breeze is priced at $499.

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