ZappLight LED Light Bulb Doubles As A Bug Zapper


Most light bulb innovations tend to focus on making them smart, allowing them to take full advantage of the ever-growing internet of things. If you have absolutely no need for self-dimming and infinitely programmable bulbs, but would rather get rid of any insect that makes its way into your home, forget the fancy self-adjusting lights and pick up the ZappLight instead.

A combination light bulb and bug zapper, it lights up the room like any LED bulb while attracting and frying any bugs within 500 square-feet. Whether for indoor or outdoor settings, simply use this thing in place of your regular light bulb and put an end to any bug problem in the space.

The ZappLight is a 9-watt light bulb that puts out 920 lumens of brightness, with an integrated bug zapper that consumes just a single watt of power. It’s, pretty much, a conventional zapper, using a blue LED to attract insects within its grid, where it safely blasts them with an electric jolt. Like all bug zappers, of course, this thing is going to scatter insect parts upon electrocuting them, so you may want to keep that in consideration when installing this indoors. I mean, we doubt you want dead insect parts floating in the glass of wine you’re enjoying in the living room or mixed with a bowl of spaghetti sauce in the kitchen. Blech.

Available now, the Zapplight is priced at $19.99.

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