Zboard Motorized Skateboard Features Foot Pad Controls

Skateboarding is definitely fun.  But if you’re only using one to get from place to place without walking, it’s not the most efficient mode of transport.   The ZBoard on the other hand, just might be.

Technically, it’s just a motorized skateboard, similar to the eBoard and other products currently in the market.  Unlike those, however, you don’t control speed and direction using a separate radio controller.  Instead, you simply lean to the side you want to steer to and adjust  the speed using integrated foot pads.  That way, you get the benefit of motorized boarding, all while keeping both your hands free to do other things.

Billed as the “world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard,” the ZBoard sports footpads both in the front and the rear of the board.  Just lean forward on the pad to accelerate and lean back on the other to slow down.  An onboard computer processes input from the foot sensors to control the 400W electric motor, which can send riders rolling at speeds of up to 17 mph.

Two versions of the board are available: Classic and Pro.  Both use the same motor and 40-inch deck combination, but feature different batteries.  The Classic has a Sealed Lead Acid that juices the ride for up to 5 miles, while the Pro’s Lithium Ion Phosphate module can power it for up to 10 miles.

As of now, the ZBoard has already exceeded its funding target over at Kickstarter.  Pricing will be $499 for the Classic and $749 for the Pro.  You can reserve one now for as low as a $100 deposit.