Zegna Icon Jacket Comes With Smartphone Control Pad On The Cuff

A smartwatch is the best option for wearable tech when you want to control your phone without pulling it out of your pocket.  But if you’d rather keep rocking the sweet Rolex Project X Submariner the wife got for your birthday, the Zegna Icon Jacket offers a sweet, stylish option.

Sure, it won’t play apps, take pictures, or show notifications like the Samsung Galaxy Gear.  Armed with built-in electronics, it can pair with your smartphone over Bluetooth, allowing you to control a bunch of things on your handset right from a discreet control pad on the cuff.    You can answer calls, control music playback, and perform a few other things without having to dig into your jeans’ front pocket to pull out your phone.

The Zegna Icon is a bomber jacket with a contemporary style, a three-season waterproof microfiber, and a sealed zip-through closure.   It features triple layer construction for comfort in a range of weather scenarios, with taped seams, detachable quilted body warmer and body shield interlining, along with an integrated earbud holder to keep your headphones within easy reach.   The jacket comes in red, blue and black.

Want one?  The Zegna Icon Jacket is available now, priced at $1,295.

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