Zenbivy MotoBed Combines Sleeping Bag And Mattress In One Comfortable Bundle

Plenty of folks have made a realization in recent years: sleeping bags don’t make for the most comfortable way to sleep in the outdoors. That’s why we see various innovative attempts in both sleeping bags and outdoor mattresses. The Zenbivy MotoBed is a new effort at improving outdoor slumber, putting together a complete bed system that keeps car campers sleeping soundly during their adventures.

Designed to be “the easiest, fastest, most comfortable camping bed possible,” the rig puts together nearly everything you need to get a good night’s sleep, so you don’t need to cobble together multiple pieces of gear each time you go out camping. Granted, it’s too bulky to carry for anyone going on hikes to their desired camp site, but for folks who like to camp in areas where they can comfortably park their cars, this thing just might offer one of the best options out there.

The Zenbivy MotoBed starts out with a 1.5-inch open-cell PU foam mattress that automatically inflates once you roll it out, making it a good load thicker, so you get a little more buffer between your body and the floor below. At the top end of the mattress is another layer of 1.5-inch open-cell PU foam in a pillow shape, essentially raising one end of the mattress, for a more comfortable sleeping posture even without a pillow on tow. Of course, this isn’t just a sleeping mat, so it doesn’t end there.

The mattress has a hood that you can use to slide your pillow under, essentially providing a nook where you can tuck your head in to keep any ambient light out. Instead of coming with a sleeping bag, they throw in a rectangular quilt that’s made with a 70D nylon taffeta shell, a 50D polyester pongee liner, and 200 grams of 3D XD synthetic insulation to keep you warm during cold nights in the outdoors. And yes, the quilt comes with zippers, in case you want to lock yourself in the same way you do with a traditional sleeping bag.

The Zenbivy MotoBed doesn’t come with a pillow. It does, however, include a pillowcase made from the same polyester pongee as the blanket’s liner, which you can use to house your own favorite pillow from home, so you get to enjoy the same comfortable head cushion as you do every night in your own bedroom. The mattress, by the way, needs to be deflated once you’re done, which you can easily do using the quick-dump valve. Once you’ve rolled everything up, the whole thing is designed to fit in the included carry bag for taking back to the car.

It comes in two sizes. The large measures 26 x 10 inches when packed and gives you a mattress measuring 25 x 76 inches, making it a proper pick for most folks, while bigger individuals should find the XL a bit more to their liking, with its mattress size of 30 x 78 inches and a packed size of 26 x 14 inches.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Zenbivy MotoBed. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $214.

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