Use The Zero G iPhone Case To Stick Your Phone Onto Any Vertical Surface


That dedicated selfie camera worked great because of its suction backing, allowing it to be stuck onto vertical surfaces while you pose at a comfortable distance. But why bother with a dedicated device when you can do the same with your phone? That’s exactly what will happen when you use the Zero G case.

A case for iPhone 6 and 6+, it comes with a suction material in the back that allows it to be planted onto vertical surfaces. Just open your favorite camera app, set a timer for the shutter, stick the phone onto a wall, and hold your pose until the shot is taken – done.


Zero G is an erstwhile regular-looking case with one difference: its back has an integrated nano-suction pad, an adhesive material that uses millions of tiny suction cups to affix itself to smooth vertical surfaces. It can stick onto, practically, any surface you’re likely to encounter, including glass, wood, tile, marble, steel, whiteboards, and painted walls. While perfect for selfies, it also opens up new ways of using your phone. Want to watch a YouTube video while shaving? Stick it in the bathroom mirror and you’re set. How about reading a recipe while preparing a meal in the kitchen? Just stick it on the wall behind the cooktop and you’re good.


A thin yet durable case, it adds just 3mm of thickness to your iPhone, all while protecting it from drops using slightly raised edges. Like other nano-suction products, you simply wash the case with water (after removing it from your phone, of course) when it starts to lose suction to remove accumulated dirt and restore it to ideal working condition.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Zero G. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $39.

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