Zerobody Bed Recreates The Floating Sensation Of Isolation Tanks


Isolation tanks are great for relaxing and meditating. Their size, however, makes them troublesome to find space for around the house, while the need to fill them with salt water makes for serious hassle. If you want to enjoy the benefits of immersion tanks but don’t exactly want to put up with everything it involves, the Zerobody might offer a suitable alternative.

A collaboration between Italian designer Christiano Mino, spa designers Starpool, and brain wellness company Neocogita, it’s a bed that’s designed to make you feel like you’re floating in a tank. That way, you can recreate the isolation tank experience, without needing to take up a massive corner of the house, stock up on sacks upon sacks of salt, or even get wet. We’re not sure how well it will recreate the experience, but the convenience of this thing sure makes it worth trying at the least.


The Zerobody is actually a heated water bed with a central panel that sinks in like a hammock, giving users the impression of having all sensations removed. Lying on the bed will supposedly make you feel like you’re “suspended in the air… floating on a cloud,” amplifying the effects of any meditation you’re doing. It’s designed as a less-daunting alternative to isolation tanks for spas, as well as a relaxation facility for workplaces, so employees can kick off stress at any point during the day. It comes with an integrated phone dock, in case you prefer guided meditation using an app or audio recording.


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