Zerocaster ZC070 Updates The Classic Furniture Caster

Casters are the unsung hero of the office.  Screwed at the base of office chairs, they give office drones the ability to slide from one place to another without bothering to get up.  While regular furniture casters do the job just fine, isn’t it high time we gave that bastion of utility the makeover it deserves?  Well, that’s pretty much what the Zerocaster ZC070 is trying to achieve.

A replacement caster for office chairs and other furniture, it sheds the generic black plastic design for something a little more stylish.  Casters deserve their dignity, too, especially with the thankless job they perform day-in and day-out.

Billed as “stronger, smoother, quieter, more hygienic, more versatile and easier to install,” the Zerocaster ZC070 is, basically, your classic caster evolved.  Sporting a hubless form with two-tone color possibilities, it’s also a lot better looking than the solid roundish casters of old.   Borrowing liberally from skateboard wheels, it features a twin-wheel design, non-marking surfaces (suitable for both hard and soft flooring), precision ABEC ball bearings and poly-urethane construction.

Capable of supporting 275 pounds (assuming 3 casters per furniture), it should  make a great replacement for the dirty, worn-down casters in your favorite Lay Flat Office Chair.  It’s constructed for hygienic performance, too, with everything sealed to keep out hair and debris (which, if you haven’t noticed, your current casters will be filled with).  They also install without tools, so you can quickly do replacements without causing a ruckus in the cubicle.

The Zerocaster ZC070 hubless caster comes in either black or gray frames, with the inner circle finished in either black, gray, red or white.   It’s available now, priced at $26 each.

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