ZeroEdge Aquarium Turns Your Fish Tank Into An Infinity Pool


Infinity edge pools are quite a sight to look at.  If you love that design, it’s possible your fish might enjoy it too.  At least, that’s what the ZeroEdge Aquarium seems to be going for, incorporating the sexy edgeless aesthetic into a fully-functional fish tank.

Like infinity pools, the water spills over off the edge of the glass tank, right down into enlarged gutters that recycle the water back into the aquarium.  It creates a visually-stunning effect that’s unlike any aquarium you’re likely to find.

The ZeroEdge system, of course, consists of more than just the tank and the gutter system.  An entire assembly is installed at the bottom of the visible setup, which include drain pockets, pipes and the water pump.  Since the system running it is situated away from sight, it allows an uninterrupted view of the gorgeous edgeless marine ecosystem on top.  There are no gurgles to be heard and no unsightly pumps – just the unimpeded beauty of the unique aquarium.


Won’t the fish go over?  I’m pretty sure they will, especially if you’ve got an overcrowded tank.  It shouldn’t be a problem, though, as the gutter is continuously filled with water, so they can swim there while waiting for you to throw them back in.

In case you have bigger fish (or want to create a large infinity fish hotel), ZeroEdge offers custom-built edgeless aquariums, which they can lay out as uniquely as you need them to be.  Of course, the price for specialized setups will likely balloon up, accordingly.  Typical ZeroEdge Aquariums, such as those in the photos, cost around $1,000 for the entire system.

[Zero Edge via Neatorama]