Zesch Coasters Interlock To Form Larger Mats

We love the Zesch Coasters’ obviously ninja star-inspired looks.  Functional coasters plus ninja weapons definitely sound like a sterling combination.  But, alas, it gets better.

Designed by Michiel Cornelissen, each coaster isn’t confined to keeping your glasses and mugs from leaving stains on the table all by itself.    Instead, the coasters can be connected to each other in a hexagonal grid just like a jigsaw puzzle, allowing you to form them into a variety of shapes and sizes for whatever need that might fulfill.  You can use them as trivets for holding pots of soup or placemats for eating your plate of pasta, creating raised island platforms that should give your dining table just a little more flair.

Zesch Coasters are made from three-ply bamboo sheets that are lasercut into its star-like shape with specially-designed locking corners.  Granted, they won’t work as proper throwing weapons, but they would make nice decorative pieces for coffee tables, dining areas and kitchen countertops, especially if you can link up a couple dozen into attractive shapes.

Unfortunately, the Zesch Coasters are only made in small quantities for now, so price isn’t quite yet what mass-produced coasters would go for.  They’re available in sets of 14 pieces, priced at $69.50.

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