Zeth Stretched Cruiser Now Up For Sale To One Lucky Long-Limbed Cyclist


Long-limbed cyclists, rejoice!  The Zeth Stretched Cruiser’s lanky, overstretched frame might just be what you need to comfortably pedal for once in your life.  At least, that’s what I’m guessing.

Creator Vanguard Designs doesn’t exactly market it for the excessively-limbed, but it’s always what I imagined Yao Ming would hit Beijing’s streets with before he was killing it with eight figure paydays from the NBA.    For the regularly-sized folks, however, I wouldn’t wish its ergonomics on my own worst enemy.


The Zeth Stretched Cruiser’s unusual, sweeping looks and matte black scheme make it hard for me to peel my eyes off.  Staring at it reminds me of the first time I saw an ultra-long lorry in the middle of nowhere – I kept thinking, “There’s no way I can drive that thing, but I really want to.”

Hand-crafted by Vanguard’s team in San Diego, the pedal-pushing cruiser roamed Italian streets last year for Venice Biennale 2008, where it proved to be quite the attraction.  Apparently done with showing it off, the company has now put the bike up for sale (for a considerable amount, I presume).  Selling price is unlisted and you’ll have to contact them to arrange for the purchase.  If you’re Yao Ming, though, why think twice?  It isn’t like you have plenty of options.

[Vanguard Designs via Blank Kanvas]