Zeus Combines A Hammer, 16 Screwdrivers, And More In A Single Multi-Tool


Not all multi-tools are equal. In fact, declaring a multi-tool as the best one will have to more do with the kind of jobs you’ll need them for, rather than their actual capabilities. If you never use a plier, for instance, then a multi-plier tool probably is a bad fit. Same with small pocket knife-style tools if you need some serious driving torque. With that said, there are instantly several situations where I can imagine the Zeus Handy Tool proving to be a serious help.

First off, it’s not a pocket-friendly tool. While it looks like you can cram this into a pocket, the resulting bulk and weight probably won’t make for the most comfortable thing. If you want a multi-tool that you can drop in a bag pouch, keep in the glove compartment, or under a motorcycle seat, though, this thing could very well function as a perfect fit.


The Zeus Handy Tool can serve as a really good screwdriver, with a chunky body to serve as a handle, 16 snap-on tips (four Phillips, four flatheads, four hex keys, and four square keys), and a flip-out shank that can be locked at either 90 or 180 degrees. It can also serve as a functional hammer, with a flip out head on the underside and a metal plate behind it to absorb the blows, minimizing the potential effect on the rest of the tools. There’s also a detachable level that doubles as a LED light, a 4.59-foot tape measure, a small pair of spring-action pliers with serrated jaw, and a small knife with a saw, all of them housed inside a hard aluminum enclosure. All the driver tips, by the way, are housed inside the large body, so everything is on a single bundle the entire time.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Zeus Handy Tool. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $50.

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