Ziiro Gravity And Mercury Watches Have No Hands, Just Dizzying Circles

You’re tired of watches with the same analog hands and digital  time, but not too tired to get one of those torturous Tokyoflash watches that require an engineering degree to understand.  Here’s one option that just might be up your alley: the Ziiro Gravity and the Ziiro Mercury.

While they use fancy-looking concentric rings to tell the hours and minutes, the process requires you to jump through a lot less mental hoops than the typical funky timepieces we normally see.  The curved end of one circle stands for the hour, while the outer one tells the minute — that’s it.

Both models have the same face, but differ in the style of their bands.  The Ziiro Gravity sport a patent-pending silicone and metal band that clamps to your hand like a flexible wristband, while the Ziiro Mercury takes on a more conventional stainless steel mesh strap.

Six strap colors are available for the Gravity, each with a corresponding color scheme for the face.  Even better, they’re interchangeable, allowing you to mix and match your time-telling accessory depending on your mood.  The Mercury, on the other hand, has a permanent dial on each of the four available strap colors.

The Ziiro Gravity and the Ziiro Mercury are both available for pre-order on the company’s website.  Prices range from €100 to €134.

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