Upgrade Your Foam Battles With The Awesome Zax Throwing Axe


Yes, axe throwing while getting drunk in a bar is a thing now. As much fun as it is to go out, chug a few beers, and chuck a flying blade at a wooden target, it’s not exactly something you’re going to do every night. Sure, you can buy a real axe and throw it at a target in the backyard. If you’d rather not risk damaging anything in the house, though, you might want to pick up the Zax from Zing Toys instead.

A throwing axe made from foam, it lets you practice the ancient throwing sport without using an actual axe. Because, you know, those things can crack your head and destroy your wife’s favorite pottery in the backyard. Sure, it feels and weighs nowhere near an actual throwing axe, but if you want a safer alternative that you can even play with the kids, this one sounds like the perfect fit.


The Zax is, basically, a toy axe that’s sized and shaped like a standard throwing axe (it stands 12 inches tall), so you can feel like a Viking warrior while you’re flinging this thing at the bedroom wall. Well, that or drunk Canadian on a Friday night, whichever the case may be. Instead of being made from wood and steel like a typical axe, the entire thing is cut in foam, making it light enough even for kids to handle. Do note, that light weight means this is easier to use indoors, since a little gust of wind can definitely affect its flight as it spins on the way to the target.

Instead of a sharp edge that can slice through wood, the edge of the axe head comes with suction cups, allowing it to stick to flat surfaces upon contact. That way, you can throw it at walls, doors, and other flat targets, all while knowing exactly at which spot it connected. Draw a target on the window, for instance, and use it to do target practice in the bedroom, making this quite a convenient way to enjoy axe throwing at absolutely any time.


How easy is it to use the Zax? Given its lightweight foam build, throwing requires some getting used to, although hitting targets should get pretty easy once you develop the muscle memory. We’re not sure if it will work, by the way, but you can also probably tack on a little counterweight, in case you want it to feel more like a real axe.


Aside from goofing around with the kids and practicing your axe throwing, the axe should make for a fun desk toy in the office, whether you want to blow off some steam during a stressful day or to hold a contest for bragging rights among your co-workers. And yes, you can probably use it as a melee weapon when participating in Nerf battles, whether at home, in the office, or a fun afternoon in the park.

The Zing Toys Zax is available now.

Zing Zax - The Foam Throwing Axe - Colors Vary
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