Zingy Is A Super Safe Two-Person Boat That’s Cute As A Button


Unlike cars or gadgets, boats aren’t exactly something most regular folks think about buying.  Inventor Clayton Turney wants to change all that with the Zingy, a sea-capable, two-person boat that prides itself on accessibility.

Designed for novice boaters, it looks nothing more than a toy at first glance (like a real boat with the rest of its body hacked off).  Don’t let the harmless appearance fool you.  While small, it boasts excellent sea-keeping abilities, described as a “super safe, super solid craft designed to go wherever you go.”

The Zingy is a cute, little pocket boat, sized just enough to fit a pair of water bandits.  Because of the compact body that looks only slightly bigger than a two-passenger jet ski, it’s easy to tow, making both transport and maintenance uncomplicated.

Its big selling point, however, is the expandable hull design, which allows it to be used as either a motorboat (it comes fitted with a motor when you buy), a rowboat (two sturdy telescopic oars are  stored on the transom) or a sailboat (using the company’s Sailfin conversion kit).  Called XLR8, the fiberglass hull lined with closed-cell foam claims to be completely unsinkable, apart from boasting easy maneuverability on the water.

Two base models of the Zingy are available – Wide Open (the basic version) and Sportboat (which adds a steering wheel, detachable windshield and an enclosed foredeck with a dry storage compartment).  Features include padded floors, swivel seats and step pods that allow passengers to board it right on the water.  It comes with a host of options too, including an underwater viewing port and convertible canopies.  Prices start at $9,000 (Wide Open model with motor and road trailer).

[The Zingy]