Zip n Store Gives You A Place To Hang Ziplock Bags Inside Fridges And Shelves


Stackable containers are great for keeping food supplies organized. Problem is, using containers mean getting yourself a bunch of extra dishes to clean up afterwards, apart from taking up more room than usually necessary. Ziplock bags, pretty much, solve all of those problems, apart from being more efficient at keeping food fresh. Problem is, stacks upon stacks of ziplock bags in the fridge just make for an ugly mess. The Zip n Store offers a way to keep things organized.

An organization system for ziplock bags, it gives you a place to hang the bags, similar to the way you hang clothes on a closet rod. That way, you can easily flip through the bags to find that leftover spaghetti from last Saturday, instead of having to dig through a messy stack of plastic bags.


The Zip n Store comes in three versions: one for use inside the fridge, another for use along a door shelf on the fridge, and one for installing on pantry shelves. Both the fridge and pantry shelf versions come with a slide-out design that allow you to pull out the assembly for easily adding and retrieving bags, while the door shelf version is stationary since the sides are out in the open the entire time. It can accommodate any type of ziplock bags, from small snack-size pouches to large gallon-sized units.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Zip n Store. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $30.

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