Zip Tie: Is This The Most Convenient Necktie Ever?

Unbeknownst to your co-workers, you’ve stopped using real neckties for the better part of a year.  You’ve been, gasp, dressing yourself up in clip-ons all this time.  The guilt has been weighing down on your conscience and you want to tell the world what you’re doing.  Might as well go all in, stop wearing conventional ties altogether and welcome the unbridled convenience of the Zip Tie into your life.

A zip-up necktie, it’s literally easier than clip-ons to put on.  No need to tie any knots or look for any place to clamp the clips on — just put the thing on like a necklace and zip it up.  Done.

Designed by Josh Jakus, the Zip Tie is designed to zip seamlessly around the collar, so it hangs in front of you just like a regular necktie except with an odd-looking zipper design down the center (yes, when the boss asks, say it’s a design).  From afar, it actually looks like a standard broad tie, measuring 28 inches long and 3.75 inches at the widest point.  Construction is 100% thick merino wool felt with a nylon zipper.  Dry clean recommended.

Will this score you points with clients during a big meeting?  Probably not.  How about in an interview for a management position?  We doubt it.  After-work, during happy hours with the ladies?  Not either.  For everyday “sit around in your desk, taking calls and chatting up co-workers,” though, it will definitely suffice.

The Zip Tie is available from Uncommon Goods, priced at $65.

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