Zip USB Is A Sleek Multi-Charging Station


Chargers are generally ugly.  Being utilitarian tools for juicing your gadgets, after all, winning beauty contests is far from their purpose for existence.  That’s why we’re grateful for the elegant appearance of gadget hubs like this Zip USB Multi-Charging Station.

Made by The Joy Factory, the device sports a sleek flat shape that makes it look like a giant guitar pick (or a fancy drink tray).  Layered on the top side are multiple charging points where you can refill your drained cellphones, tablets, e-readers and USB electric razor.

The Zip USB is actually a magnetic induction charger.  Since your gadgets aren’t likely equipped for that kind of wireless charging yet, it offers a workaround using Ziptails, which are short cables that draw power magnetically from the panel and transfers it to your gadgets through the connector on the other end.  The short wires mean you get a charging station free from tangles, all while getting zero percent power loss because the lines plug directly to your gadgets.

While the charging plate has 16 dimples for parking your Ziptails on, you can actually only charge three cellphones at a time.  We’re not sure why they didn’t just put three slots on there, but the thing does look prettier with a whole bunch of them (plus, if one dimple gets damaged, you still end up with 15 to go).  Each bundle comes with three Ziptails (one mini-USB and two micro-USB), with more available as separate purchases.

The product page lists the Zip USB Multi-Charging Station as “coming soon,” priced at $79.95.

[The Joy Factory]