Zipfy Mini Luge Is A Compact, Lightweight Snow Sled

Riding a beanbag sled downhill is fun.  Until you have to go back up carrying the heavy thing on your back.   Seriously, all that heavy lifting just so you can slide down for a few seconds?  If you’d rather not exhaust your non-existent strength muscles, you might want to get a Zipfy Mini Luge instead.

Weighing less than a pound, this mini sled makes multiple trips up the top of the slope no problem.  Heck, your travel mug probably weighs more than this.  Despite the lightness, though, it’s perfectly safe even for children as young as five years old.

The Zipfy Mini Luge is a lightweight, compact snow sled that measures 21 x 13 x 16 inches.  The low-seated design and grooves on the underside help aid speed and movement.  Unlike your average toboggan, it comes with a handle front and center that helps make it easier to maintain your balance.   The handle also makes for a convenient way to carry the sled over your shoulder while making your way up the slope.

Steering is done by simply leaning slightly into your turns.  Since your feet is out in front, all you have to do is carve it into the snow to slow down or stop, making for a simple but entertaining ride.  Construction is high-density polyethylene plastic, giving the compact sled enough strength to handle riders up to 250 lbs.

Five colors are available: blue, green, red, pink and yellow.  You can get the Zipfy Mini Luge from Amazon, priced at $32.15.

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