Zipped Lace Converters Means Never Having To Tie Your Shoes Again

We’re big fans of Lace Anchors and similar products that turn erstwhile cumbersome laced shoes into super-convenient slip-ons.  Here’s a new one that you might find even more aesthetically pleasing: Zipped Lace Converters.

A zipper that wears over the eyeholes on laced shoes, it lets you simply zip a shoe to wear it then unzip to take off.  No more lacing up, wrapping around your ankles, or double-knotting to ensure they won’t come off while you’re running — everything is as easy as zipping up a jacket.

If you’re thinking zippers on shoes might look disastrous, we don’t blame you.  We’ve seen zip-up shoes before and that’s exactly how we remember them.  Somehow, though, these Zipped Lace Converters manage to avoid that.  To use it, you attach the zipper to the shoes by lacing them to the eyelets.  It’s a one time procedure that, once done, immediately turns your shoes into zip-up footwear that you can put on and take off in a jiffy — no need to ever tie your shoes again.

Since people will likely want to use this for different brands and models of shoes, they come in different colors and sizes, too.  They have angular, standard, full, and round models, each with between 4 to 6 eyelets, all available in a variety of colors.  For shoes with more eyelets or unconventional designs (different distance between eyelets), you can request custom patterns, although it will be a little more expensive than regular models.

Currently, Zipped Lace Converters is raising funds for a production run on Indiegogo.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at just $10.

Check It Out  via The Awesomer