Stay Warm Outdoors With The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

Fire is indispensable, especially when you’re enjoying the splendor of the great outdoors. Being in high-altitude in the middle of the woods is one thing; doing it without warmth is a whole other. That’s why arming yourself with the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit should be a prerequisite before donning the hiking boots.

Just because you learned how to start a fire from scratch in wilderness class doesn’t mean you are going to successfully start one the next time you try. I’ve watched enough Survivor episodes to know even seasoned outdoorsmen can’t make a fire that fast, unless you shoot flames from your hands.  With this instant-fire kit on hand, you can save all that energy for another day. After all, you will likely need all that strength for wrestling wild bears, climbing steep rocks and carrying your portable DVD boombox for tomorrow’s itinerary.

Shaped like a regular lighter, the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit lets you start a flame in a jiffy. Pop the lid open and pull out a water-resistant, waxed tinder stick, which you can light with the flint wheel ignition right next to it. One spin is all it should take. The orange-colored, compact case features rugged metal construction and a water-resistant O-ring seal to keep the contents dry at all times.

Duct tape can do plenty of wonderful things, but it can never light a fire. Until somebody figures out a way to do just that, better keep one of these things for your outdoor stash instead. For only $19.95, it’s a cheap price to pay.


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