Zolt Is A Compact Laptop Power Adapter That Can Fit In Your Pocket


If you follow the crowdfunding scene, you’re probably aware of a pocket-sized laptop adapter launching in the summer. Well, it looks like someone else is going to beat them to the punch, if the Zolt is able to make its targeted debut this coming spring.

Yes, it’s a power adapter for charging your notebook. And, yes, it really is pocket-sized, measuring just 3 x 1.3 inches (length x diameter), a third of the size of most common power adapters. No more lugging around bulky adapters for keeping your notebook juiced – just slip this thing into a pouch and you’ll be ready to leech power off any Starbucks you happen to descend upon.


To use Zolt, simply plug it to a wall outlet, plug in the cable to a USB slot on its body, and plug in the other end to your laptop. Done. It comes with swappable tips that allow it to be used on Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Samsung, and Toshiba notebooks, although it’s only rated at 70 watts, so those who use machines with higher power requirements will need to keep carrying the bricks they travel everyday with. Oh yeah, there’s no tip for Apple laptops yet, although a MacBook tip is slated for release at a later date, but will be available as a separate purchase. Aside from charging your computer from a USB slot on the body, the device comes with two more USB ports, where you can plug in additional cables to charge other gadgets, like phones, tablets, and USB Squirming Tentacles.


Available for preorder now, the Zolt is priced at $79.99.

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