Zombie Head Candies Come With Cherry Goop For Brains

Tired of zombies eating humans?  Me too.  Let’s turn that game around and have humans eating zombies instead.   I mean, if you chop that rotting flesh up, roll it in salt, flood it with vinegar and boil it really long, it could end up edible, you know?   Okay, I think my dinner just crept back up my mouth.  We’ll need practice with this one and these Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons look like the perfect first bite.

Billed as “delightful candy for survivors of the zombie apocalypse,” the tasty-looking treats let you chomp on zombie heads, complete with red splattering brain matter in every bite.  It’s a bit gnarly, a tad gross and, from the looks of things, terribly delicious.  Agh, my weight.

Made by Thinkgeek, the Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons is dark chocolate, molded to look like a goofy zombie head.  The inside comes with a cherry for brains, drenched in what looks like cherry-flavored goop.  Punch a hole on any part of the head (like the eye or the mouth) and out comes the red goop, just like a real slow walker.  Each box comes with 6 pieces of candy.

Granted, going from a chocolate zombie head to eating real zombies is a giant leap.  Still, it’s a perfectly valid baby step (no, really, I’ve studied this with PHDs and comic book mythology nerds).  Plus, it’s chocolate, so it’s probably just as bad for you.

The packaging doesn’t look fittingly post-apocalyptic, but the candies are the stars in the Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons anyway.  It’s available now, priced at $13.99.