Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket Is Appetizing

I don’t eat popcorn.  So I don’t buy them at the movies unless my girl wants one.  But if they start serving it in this Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket at my local multiplex, I’m going to have to start eating that bland junk.

Let’s be honest: this is the single most awesome popcorn receptacle ever conceived.  In fact, all food that comes in buckets and larger cups (from chicken to Slurpee) should take heed — this is how you do it.  Oh, and make those disposable containers a little more sturdy than usual because I’m taking them all home.

Designed by New York ad agency Y&R, the Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket bears a big-ass print of a zombie head throughout the bucket’s body, making it look like you’re eating a mass of rotting brains off a cracked zombie skull.  We’re not exactly sure what happens when you eat zombie brains, but we’ll leave that to the screenwriters of The Walking Dead to figure out.  And, yes, we’d like that to happen when it returns to TV for a third season this Fall.

The buckets were originally made for Motor City Nightmares, a horror film convention held in Detroit.  Considering just how awesome this thing is, though, we doubt it will stay a convention exclusive for long.  This should be the standard popcorn bucket for every horror movie showing from this point forward.

According to reports, the Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket and similar customizable designs will be made available online for bulk orders soon at the link below.

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