Zombie Mall Experience: Fight Zombies Close-Quarters IRL

Practice makes perfect.  That’s why most of us will end up fodder when the zombie invasion comes — none of us have had any practice surviving an onslaught of mindless brain-eaters.  The Zombie Mall Experience can help change all that.

Instead of settling for video game zombie encounters, the activity allows you to experience everything in the real world.  No controllers, no TV screens and no video game physics — everything works the same way they would when the actual T-virus drops and all hell breaks loose.

Set in the Reading Shopping Center, an abandoned shopping mall outside of London, the Zombie Mall Experience puts you amidst an entire building overrun by zombies for a full 3 hours.  Word of caution: don’t whip out the Ranger Axe yet.  They’re not real zombies (at least, we don’t think so).  Instead, it’s a bunch of actors decked in movie-quality prosthetics, ganging up on you the same way a real army of zombies are going to do when the apocalypse descends upon us.

Airsoft weapons will be provided during the activity so you can fight back against the attackers, splaying them with bullets (or whatever they’re actually arming the air guns with) until everybody is put down.  It’s not just a free walk with zombies coming out of nowhere either — you get video game-style missions complete with effects to make the entire experience more memorable.

Price for the Zombie Mall Experience is £139.00.  You can check out schedule dates and other details from the link below.

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