Zombie Poster Targets Let You Shoot The Undead In Real Life

Love killing zombies in video games?  While you’ll probably never get the chance to shoot the undead in real life (unless someone, somewhere is concocting a zombie virus), you can always settle for the next best thing – shooting at fake zombies with real guns.

That’s where these Zombie Poster Targets come in.  Why shoot at another generic silhouette or illustrated criminal target at the range when you can unleash your bullets on brain-eating freaks?  Even better, you can confuse eavesdroppers when you’re hanging out with friends after the session, talking about how many zombie heads you blasted.

Five different zombie designs are available, namely Jimmy, Becky, Roxie, Frans and Hans.  All are regulation 23 x 35 inches in size, with full color prints that make the characters as realistic as possible.  Seriously, if you turn off the lights and put these up, you’ll really want to kill them because they look so freaky.  Every poster comes with shaded scoring zones on the zombie’s head, along with secondary brain targets.

Hate guns, love zombies?  No problem.  Shoot at these things with your anti-monster weapon of choice, from slingshots to USB rockets – they won’t really come alive and eat your brains.  Promise.

Law Enforcement Targets is selling the Zombie Poster Targets for $1.49 a pop, with huge discounts when you buy in bulk.  What fun are zombies anyway if there aren’t too many of them?  You can fill large orders with any of the available posters, mixing and matching according to your preferences.  Personally, I’m really partial to the soldier-looking creatures called Hans and Frans (the two at the bottom of the photo above).  It’s going to feel like Nazi Zombie Mode in Call Of Duty with those things littered across my room.

[LETargets via Geekologie]