Zombie Slayer Axe Boasts Gorgeously Barbaric Chain Link Handle

I always thought zombie-slaying weapons needed to look more like handheld bladed weapons from barbarian movies of old.  Post-apocalyptic bandit gangs just don’t look half as awesome when they walk around with the same crossbows, axes and jungle bolos as everybody else.  The Zombie Slayer Axe doesn’t suffer from this problem.

Made by blacksmith Stephen Heeney, it’s an axe designed specifically for hacking zombie skulls.  The creator, in fact, recommends not bothering to use it to chop wood, as it’s purpose-built  for fleshing out “the ever-loving viral entrails and decaying brain matter out of zombies.”

While the heads are always the most prominent part of any hatchet, the Zombie Slayer Axe is most remarkable for its chain handle.  Since chain links aren’t taut like a proper axe handle, the links are individually welded in place, allowing you to weild them like a proper edge tool.  Each one features a regular bladed head, although the dull side is reinforced with a trio of spikes for poking into zombie skulls.  And if that’s not awesome enough, the base of the handle features a knuckle duster with sharp spikes on the fist, so you can punch zombies in the face without letting the axe go.

Each one is handmade to order, so slight differences should occur with every single piece.  It’s coated with a polyurethane finish, so you’ll have to make your own arrangements if you want it covered in a blood-like compound for extra gore.

The Zombie Slayer Axe is available from Stephen’s Etsy store, priced at $150.

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