Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box

Chances are, you keep a first aid kit at home for emergency medical needs.  And you probably have a toolbox on the ready when you need to do impromptu home repairs.  Basically, keeping things for specific purposes in a single box is a good idea.  So why aren’t you ready for the inevitable zombie infestation?  You might want to start with this Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box.

Granted, it’s just an empty lunch box with some nice art outside that harkens our doomy, gloomy and erstwhile cartoony obsession with zombies.  But it’s a clearly-labeled box that you can fill with zombie survival items to quickly take with you in the event of a real T-virus infection.  Plus, you can still use it to pack your Tactical Sammiches for school or work in case you actually grow out of your waiting-for-zombies phase.  Yeah, we all do.

The Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box is made from metal, ready to keep your life-saving supplies safe through the rigors of the apocalypse.   It comes complete with a snap buckle closure and a plastic handle, so you can easily carry it while running deep into the fringes of the city, away from the infected population.  Dimensions are 7.75 x 6.75 x 4 inches, which should be ample enough to hold a few vials of vaccine, a small handgun to kill yourself in case the vaccine you got from the internet doesn’t work (you always suspected it was supposed to be a joke — damn), a fire-starting kit and whatever other small items can help you get through those hardest of days.

Amazon has the Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box available now, priced at $14.80.

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