The Self-Sealing Neck Of These Zorbz Water Balloons Saves You From The Horrors Of Tying Tiny Knots


A short while back, a crowdfunded product called Bunch of Balloons changed the water balloon fight game, allowing you to fill up and close around three dozen balloons in one fell swoop. The only caveat? You had to fill up the entire loot at the same time, so you’re stuck with dozens of water-filled latex if you only needed to throw a couple balloons to release any pent-up rage you accumulated from the workday. Zorbz offers a one-at-a-time alternative.

Like regular water balloons, these are designed to be filled up one by one, so you can still savor the minutiae of building your weapon stash. Unlike them, you won’t have to suffer trying to tie the open end into a knot (it’s a nightmare, especially for younger, less-dexterous kids), with a self-sealing mechanism that automatically seals the balloon with just a quick tug of the neck.

To quickly seal the balloons, Zorbz uses a special valve called “Snap and Seal” inside the neck of each one. When the neck is stretched, the valve automatically closes, allowing you to throw the balloon into the weapons pile without all the water spilling out. Since there’s a special valve inside the neck, a faucet attachment is required to properly fill it, which you can simply remove from the tap once the day’s balloon fight is done. Oh yeah, one caveat: the seal is designed to dissolve in 20 minutes, so pre-filling a hundred of these for a water fight due in three hours won’t quite fly.

Available in sets of 50 and 100, Zorbz is priced at $3.48 and $6.48, respectively.

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