Zore X Is A Combination Lock That Renders Guns Inoperable


You can lock your guns in a safe to make sure no one ever accesses it without your consent. Problem is, a safe can make it harder to retrieve your self-defense weapon during emergencies – not exactly the best way to keep something you bought just for those rare moments. If you prefer to keep a firearm at arm’s reach while still preventing unauthorized access, the Zore X offers a suitable solution.

A gun lock, it consists of a patented bullet that lodges itself on the weapon’s chamber, restricting access to the gun until it is unlocked and removed. Whether you keep your gun on a bedside drawer, a hidden compartment on a bag you hang in the living room, or even out in the coffee table, you can rest assured no one can fire it without knowing the proper lock combination.


The Zore X inserts into the chamber via the gun’s ejection port, lodging itself securely, so no amount of brute force can ever take it off. The only way to take it off is to disengage the locks by turning in the correct combination on the integrated dial. Unlike regular dials which require you to turn to specific numbers, you enter a digit by turning it to the corresponding amount of clicks in any direction (e.g. to enter 6, just turn the dial by six clicks). This allows you to enter the code even in the dark, making it very functional for emergency use. Once unlocked, you simply fire the gun to discharge the gun lock.


It comes with an accompanying app where you can unlock the gun, too, although you can lock it directly from the unit. Features include integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a motion sensor (it alerts the app when the gun is moved), and a replaceable CR2 battery rated at one year of use.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Zore X. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $95.

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