ZTE Spro Plus: This Mini-Projector Doubles As A Chunky Android Tablet


Is it a tablet with a projector or a projector that functions as an Android tablet? We’re not entirely sure, but there are definitely enough good things about ZTE’s Spro Plus that makes it one heck of an interesting device.

Like other products in the Spro line, it comes in a tablet/smartphone-style form factor, complete with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display, albeit with a body that’s a whole lot thicker than modern mobile devices. And, yes, you can use it like any Android tablet (it runs Android 6 Marshmallow), whether for browsing the internet, playing a quick game, or running any available apps from the Play Store.


The ZTE Spro Plus didn’t just add the display as an accessory feature, either, as it comes fitted with a Super AMOLED unit with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels of resolution. Like any tablet, it comes with an onboard processor (choice of either Snapdragon 801 or 625), as well as WiFi and LTE variants. It comes with a 500-lumen projector packing 1,366 x 768 pixels of resolution that can show pictures up to 80 feet in size, with support for both vertical and horizontal keystone correction. Instead of regular LEDs, it uses laser-phosphor projections, giving the resulting images excellent brightness, precise focus, and outstanding clarity, regardless of the viewing surface.

Since you’ll want immersive sound to go with any movie you’re watching, it comes with a JBL sound system and two four-watt Harman speakers, with an external camera and Harman microphones enabling video conferencing. A 12,100 mAh battery keeps it running for up to four hours of video streaming at a time.

No pricing yet, but the ZTE Spro Plus will be available during the summer.

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