Zubin Axe Hiking Pole Can Turn Into A Spear, A Slingshot, A Saw, And More

Trekking poles can be plenty useful, helping you navigate rougher terrain with better balance and stability.  The Zubin Axe, however, takes the hiking stick up a notch, integrating multiple features that turn it into an indispensable outdoor multi-tool.

Described as a “multi-tool survival staff,” the contraption comes with multiple modules that you can attach to turn it into something else entirely.  Like an axe.  Or a saw.  Or a fishing spear, among several others.

The Zubin Axe is a two-piece hiking pole with durable hickory wood construction and an ergonomic rubber grip for comfortable use.  Once you’re done with the hike, just pop on one of the interchangeable modules (they attach on top of the handle) to turn it into some other type of functional tool.  Five accessories are available for now: an axe blade for chopping firewood to use in your survival stove, a saw blade for cleanly cutting wood, a slingshot for hunting birds or rabbits, a dual-edged spear blade for hunting small- to medium-size game, and a fishing spear blade for collecting fish and frogs in nearby bodies of water.

Each of the additional tools are cut in stainless steel, so they should be tough enough to withstand heavy, rugged use.  Granted, a long, thin, and straight stick doesn’t exactly sound like the most ideal handle for some of those things (like the axe or the saw), but something like this definitely sounds much more useful than a pocket-sized multi-tool.

Slated for availability in October, the Zubin Axe will retail at $320 for the whole set.  Each of the items, from the staff to the add-ons, can also be bought separately.

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