A Digital Frame To Top Them All – Amex Digital SP-7

Amex Digital Frame SP-7

Amex Digital Frame SP-7

Sharing the best times of your life with the people you love can be what makes your adventures complete. For quite some time, the easiest way to do that was with a digital camera, snapping shots and printing pictures, or if you wanted, just toting the memory device, such as a memory card or external hard drive, from place to place.

Then came digital picture frames, which allowed us to usher into a new age where physical pictures were no longer necessary. We didn’t have to choose which picture so show off in the living room anymore, because most digital frames allowed us to store a large amount of photos and either scroll through them at our leisure, or create a slideshow to capture our guests attention and imagination.

But many of these frames look too futuristic, black and shiny plastic that, rather than enhance the old ways of sharing photos, comes close to replacing it. So those that still yearn for a frame that mimics the old style but gives them the new freedom of a digital frame can now enjoy the new gadget by Amex Digital, the SP-7 Digital Frame. It comes in a stunning acrylic wood design, as well as with features that make it not just superior in appearance but also the leader in digital framing functionality.

The Amex Digital Photo Frame SP-7 also comes equipped with a built in printer. Thanks to Amex, if you show off your pictures to an appreciative audience you no longer have to leave them empty handed. Simply select the print option and the SP-7 will give you a physical copy of your memories.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a digital frame if it didn’t also come equipped with the standard features to display your photos as a slide show with music or video playback, all of which can be accessed through the included remote control. With such a neat gadget, you’ll just have to understand if your family wants to take a longer look at the digital frame itself before they look at your photographs.