Theft-Proof Your Bike’s Wheels And Seat With The Abus Nutfix


You can secure your bike to a rail or post to keep it from getting stolen by thieves when you’re off getting your business done. No matter how strong your bike lock is, though, it won’t keep thieves from stealing your wheels and seat, both of which can easily come off with a hand tool and some elbow grease. The Abus Nutfix can help with that.

A security cap, simply slip this over any locking bolt to make it impossible for anyone to wrench them loose. Just slip it over the nuts on your wheel, seat post, and any other accessory on the bike to render them completely secure.


So why won’t thieves just take off the Abus Nutfix and steal parts of your bike anyway? That’s because they can’t. You see, the cap comes with a special mechanism that makes it impossible to move unless they’re positioned at a certain angle. In this particular case, it requires the bike to be completely tipped on its side before the cap can be removed with an open-jaw wrench, which should be downright impossible once you properly secure it to any rail or post in the area.

You can buy the Nutfix either as part of a replacement set for quick-release axles or seat clamps. They also sell them individually for axles with screw diameters of M9, M10, and 3/8-inches.

Learn more about the Nutfix from the Abus website.

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