Anti Sleep Driving Alarm Helps You Avoid Accidents

anti_sleep_driving_alarm We’ve all been behind the wheel when tired, and somehow the steady rumbling of your car is calming and relaxing, like a V-8 lullaby.  But you can’t drift off when driving, or else you’ll be risking life and limb, not to mention the wrath of your car financier, insurance company and spouse.  Well, worry no more on those late night drives when the caffeine isn’t doing its job.

This is the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm and its a little device that sits behind your ear comfortably and goes off with a steady, loud beep should your head begin dipping to your chest.  You’ll be awake faster than you can say “Starbucks”.  We think this is a great safety device to keep in your car for those times that you have to keep driving, but don’t want to risk ploughing your vehicle into a tree.

$11.99 Check It Out at the store or see below for daily deals on anti sleep alarm the net.