Use Arckit To Build Realistic Architectural Models Using Snap-On Modules


Sure, you can use LEGO pieces to build somewhat realistic-looking architectural structures, but you’re still stuck with studded surfaces and blocky corners that aren’t quite as realistic as you’d probably like. That’s why architects still make custom architectural models in a laborious and time-intensive process. If you want realism without all that work, what you need is a freeform construction tool that’s specialized towards building architectural models and that’s exactly what Arckit delivers.

Fashioned after the same modern paneled building techniques used in actual construction, the system includes multiple modules that snap together to create a diverse range of structures. No more custom models painstakingly glued together. From walls to floors to balconies to doors to stairs, you can use it to create realistic exteriors and interiors with unprecedented convenience.


The Arckit uses 1:48-scale parts based on standard 4-foot modular grids, a popular scale among model manufacturers, so it can be easily matched with model vehicles, furniture, and figurines.   Individual modules include floor panels, walls, low walls, windows, corner windows, wall joints, stairs, trusses, tiles, roof panels, and structural columns, each of which you can assemble together (and break apart) with the same ease as any snap-on construction toy. All the pieces are rendered in plain white, but can be covered up with an adhesive printed with any finish from the company’s digital library (you can download textures and print them yourself) to create realistic detail, whether you’re modeling wooden floor panels, stone walkways, or aluminum shingles.


Four kits are available from Arckit, ranging from 160 to 240 pieces, with prices starting at $59.99. You can also purchase individual modules separately.

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