Best Weighted Blankets You Can Buy In 2019

The concept of weighted blankets has been around for a long time but in recent years it became exceptionally popular among buyers of all age groups. If you guessed that they weigh more than the usual blanket, you are right! The best weighted blankets are the ones that are similar to a duvet but will have additional weight to it. The additional weight is brought about with the help of beads, pellets or polypropylene plastic. It is supposed to give you better quality sleep as it gives a comforting feel but is not advisable for children unless prescribed by a doctor.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets – Should You Buy One?

Using weighted blankets is a viable and productive solution for people of all age groups. As a whole, the warmth and mild weight exerted by the blankets offer better sleep and reduce anxiety. There are plenty of other specific benefits for different people and use case scenario.

  • Weighted blankets can immensely help people with insomnia and those who are unable to sleep peacefully.
  • They can reduce anxiety by gently applying pressure on the entire body with the weight evenly spread throughout the blanket’s dimensions
  • With additional weight, the blankets keep the person from tossing and turning in sleep. This results in better sleep
  • They are good at boosting hormones and creating a happier mindset for the users
  • At times, weighted blankets may also be prescribed as a non-drug therapy for people with sensory disorders
  • Use of weighted blanket is an ideal solution for senior citizens to promote better sleep
  • Studies reveal that by using weighted blankets, the symptoms of fibromyalgia can be alleviated
  • Weighted blankets help in preventing sleepwalking and helps people suffering from ASD, ADHD and PTSD.

5 Things to Know Before Buying Weighted Blankets

  1. The first thing to remember when choosing a weighted blanket is to make sure you select the right weight because heavier ones can cause stress on your body and affect the sleep cycle.
  2. Choose a blanket that weighs around 10 percent of your body weight. The heavier you are, the heavier weighted blanket you will require.
  3. Explore to find different kinds of fabrics available to make sure you are not allergic or uncomfortable with your choice of fabric used in the blanket.
  4. The most popular mix is using beads and cotton for moderate weights while blankets with discs may be slightly heavier and provide an extremely tight feel.
  5. Kids suffering from autism or specific conditions may require it but it should be used only when prescribed by a qualified doctor as random weights could cause harmful effects in children. It is also advisable to monitor children when they use weighted blankets.

Different Types of Weighted Blankets Available

Weighted blankets come in a range of sizes, fillings, and materials that you can choose your pick from.

Size – Typically, the blankets are designed to promote better sleep by applying additional pressure on your body and creating a comfortable atmosphere. It is not designed to replace your duvet but sized to fit you perfectly. However, you can also buy ones that are slightly larger than your frame if that is what is comfortable.

Flexibility – While by default, the dual layers in any of these blankets will be washable, it may differ from one brand to another. In that case, look for one that comes in two parts rather than a single piece because it is easier to wash and dry considering its weight.

Fillings Used – The type of filling used will also determine the type of blanket. While materials like beads and cotton are lighter, using discs, glass, or plastic in larger quantities will significantly increase the weight of the blanket. As they give you a very tight and intense experience, you should consult a professional before opting for these variants.

Material – The weighted blanket made using cotton will feel more like a duvet and a large-sized one can be used as a blanket as well as for the weight that it offers. Other materials that are less soft should be used along with a blanket for maximum comfort and good sleep.


Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 lbs Queen Size

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 lbs Queen SizeWeighted Idea is a reputed brand and they are now offering weighted blankets in a wide range of sizes so that you can pick your best fit. The particular model which is a grey colored variant with the size of 60”x80” inches weighs about 15lbs and is ideal for those whose average weight matches with it. The duvet cover is an accessory that you should consider so that it’s easier to clean the external cover than the entire blanket.

The product is made of 100% breathable cotton and can be used in varied climatic conditions, both winter and during summer without overheating issues. While weighted blankets are designed to be used for a comfortable sleep and to reduce movement and feel cozy, it can also be used as a top layer for your bed or couch when watching television.

The particular size is an ideal fit for a queen-sized bed and you can also opt for larger blankets in case you like to have free movement rather than being restricted to one place. Normally people go for a size that fits their body exactly and use another duvet to get that comforting, cozy feel but it is always a matter of individual preference as to how you like to use your product.

Product Highlight

  • Designed to be comfortable with 100% breathable cotton.
  • The blanket as suggested by users can help soothe the mind and body for specific health conditions such as migraine and nerve pain.
  • Based on the weight you choose, it can help to drastically improve sleep quality and can also be used as a covering during the winter season when relaxing on a couch or the bed.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit varied requirements.
Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket for Adults (Dark...
  • 【DESIGNED WITH REAL SLEEP SCIENCE】 The Weighted Blanket 15lbs mimicks a technique called Deep...

ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket 12 lbs

ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket 12 lbsBefore you start exploring the world of weighted blankets, consider the basics because they are designed to provide a calming effect and even soothe patients with medical conditions. Using it as per a doctor’s advice is recommended especially for children and those with medical conditions. For others, we suggest that you should always start with the lightest version of the product to get a feel of it.

The ZonLi is one of the softest weighted blankets weighing 12lbs and is a great choice for people weighing around 130lbs or less. The blanket is filled with environment-friendly glass beads which are guaranteed to be non-allergic. The blanket does not give out any odor making it perfect for your bed. The weight has been evenly spread in eight different loops and the material allows you to use it in any weather condition.

The dual cotton layers ensure the longevity of the product and the high-density sewing on the corners ensure fillings stay in the place where they should. It is available in some catchy colors including sky blue, light grey, printed logo, and khaki. One of the important things you should know is that this is a blanket filled with beads and will be much heavier compared to a duvet or other weighted blankets. Consider going for a lighter version instead of the usual 10% of your body weight in case you don’t require a heavy blanket. Overall, ZonLi has delivered a solid product that justifies the price tag.

Product Highlights

  • The fillings are made using glass beads that are much heavier than normal fillings and it is the perfect solution for those who need the additional weight.
  • High-quality sewing combined with the layered placement of the beads ensure that they stay in place while the weight is evenly spread.
  • The color choices are soothing to the eye and there are cotton layers contributing to the comfort when using the blanket.
ZonLi Weighted Blanket 12lbs (48''x72'', Twin...
  • 【HOW TO CHOOSE WEIGHT】For a weighted blanket, the optimal weight is around 8%-10% of your body...

Roore 5 lb Children’s Weighted Blanket (for 40 to 60 lb child)

Roore 5 lb Children's Weighted Blanket

The Roore 5lb Children’s weighted blanket is the lightest variant available and is exclusively designed for young kids. The suggested weight range is up to 60 lbs but considering the fact that the fillings used are high-quality glass beads, it may be slightly heavier than the others. Children who weigh more and are taller will find this blanket comfortable to use but it is suggested to use it based on a doctor’s prescription.

Similar to many other premium brands, it is great to see that Roore has delivered excellent quality in terms of sewing and the exterior material used on this blanket. For easier maintenance, the design is split into two parts and instead of having to wash it as a whole, you can do so by simply washing the outer and the duvet cover separately. The concept leads to the durability of the product in the long run.

The size of this particular kid’s product is measured at 36”x 48” which is available in navy blue color and gray. We would suggest the bigger sizes for grown-up kids. The larger weighted blankets are comfortable to use for adults of all age groups. Considering the fact that Roore uses glass beads, it would be ideal to combine a duvet with it for that softer feel while allowing this blanket to cover specific parts of your kid rather than using it as the primary blanket.

Product Highlights

  • Being a dual design makes this among the best weighted blankets because it is easier to wash and maintain.
  • The glass beads are heavy but evenly distributed for maximum comfort of kids.
  • The colors are soothing and the different sizes allow you to buy the right one for your child or the adult at home.
Roore 5 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids I 36"x48" I...
  • 💤This weighted blanket is engineered to be 8% to 12% of your body weight. The 5 lb 36”x48”...

ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20 lbs

ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20 lbsThe advantage of going with the ZonLi Adults weighted blanket is that it comes in two parts making it easier to wash and maintain. Instead of rinsing the entire blanket, you can clean the duvet cover which saves time and improves the longevity of the product. The ZonLi blanket is filled with glass beads and if you haven’t researched it yet, these are heavier when compared to other materials.

The manufacturer has also implemented a unique sewing mechanism in the blanket which ensures the beads on the inside are spread evenly and it provides a comforting feel throughout your body. Over eight different loops are used to spread the weight. The blanket is available in some soothing colors to make people of all age groups happy. While ZonLi makes blankets specific for kids, this is an adult version that weighs about 20lbs with the measurement of 60×80 inches.

In recent years, gifting a weighted blanket has become really popular and you could also consider it as a gift for anyone who has insomnia or other bodily pain that can be alleviated with this blanket. The materials are very soft and if you opt for a lesser weight, bigger sized model, it can also be used as a duvet. Just make sure the blanket’s weight is lesser for maximum comfort.

Product Highlights

  • The ZonLi weighted blanket is split into multiple layers including the soft cotton fabric on top and polyester padding which keeps the beads in place.
  • It provides great value for the money you pay.
  • Easy to wash as the removable cover and the fabric is soft.
  • It has a soothing effect on the user.
ZonLi Weighted Blanket (60''x80'', 20lbs, Queen...
  • 【HOW TO CHOOSE WEIGHT】For a weighted blanket, the optimal weight is around 8%-10% of your body...

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

 Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable CoverThe Quility Premium weighted blankets easily fall on the premium side because it is one of the most expensive products out there and is ideal only for those who are pretty clear about their requirements. While all major brands do offer a similar experience in high-quality materials, the Quility stands apart in terms of its structure and the type of materials they use to achieve the best results. These weighted blankets have additional dual-layer polyester material and padding to keep the glass beads inside,well-spread and in place. The sewing is pretty robust which improves the life of the product. Similar to many other weighted blankets with beads, these easily fall on the heavier side which you should be aware of. The cotton fabric on the top allows the user to breathe easy and it doesn’t overheat even when used in summer.

This particular product is quite large and heavy as it weighs about 25lbs with a measurement of 60”x80” designed for adults. The brand offers even bigger blankets in case you want to cover up your entire bed and not rely on duvets. The removable Minky cover on top makes it easier to wash without having to wash the blanket completely and it is part of the bundle.

Product Highlights

  • The blanket provides premium value for the price you pay and has an excellent finish.
  • The sewing is top-notch and it is also available in a range of colors including grey, navy blue, ivory, and pink.
  • Easy to wash. Uses additional polyester layers for durability.
  • It has a very comfortable feel to it.
Quility Weighted Blanket for Adults - 20 LB Queen...
  • 100% COTTON - Our adult weighted blanket is made with durable, breathable cotton material and a...

Ourea Adult Weighted Blanket

Ourea Adult Weighted Blanket

The Ourea brand has been around for over two decades now, thanks mainly to the reliability of their products in terms of quality and support. When you are investing more on weighted blankets, obviously you want assurance on quality and warranty conditions. The Ourea adult weighted blanket comes with all the basics and is also a multi-purpose product which you can use for a good night’s sleep besides using while reading or simply relaxing, watching television.

Before you buy the best weighted blankets out there, we would like to advise you that it might take at least three days and sometimes even five days to get used to the weight when compared to a soft duvet. It applies to all good brands in the market. The Ourea product makes use of eight different durable loops so that the material filled inside to add weight stays in place and is evenly spread throughout the blanket for comfortable usage.

Once you pick the right kind of size and weight, it will perfectly fit your body shape. The blanket is sewn using 3.0 technology which keeps the fillings inside without any fear of leakage even if you toss and turn in your sleep. A removable duvet cover on top of this product makes it easier to clean. The increased weight ensures you don’t turn or move too much in your sleep. It also feels very comfortable as the blanket is made using Egyptian breathable cotton.

Product Highlights

  • Made using high-quality Egyptian cotton which feels smooth to touch and comfortable in all the different conditions.
  • The weight distribution on this blanket is even and ensures your entire body gets the same kind of massage-like feel.
  • The choice of colors is plenty including navy green, pink, sky blue, violet, and many others.
Ourea Weighted Blanket (30lbs, 60"x 80")
  • 【PREMIUM GLASS BEADS】-There is a layer filled with glass beads, and it's safe and...

CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket

CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket

The primary purpose of opting for a weighted blanket is to get better sleep and while it does solve certain medical conditions, anyone can make use of the additional weight to feel cozy. The CoziRest Cooling weighted blanket focuses on this sleeping aspect making it an all-rounder product for adults of all age groups. You can also use it as a gift choice for loved ones.

The even distribution of weight on the blanket allows the person to feel like they are being cuddled and it promotes better sleep. This is an important addition for anyone with signs of insomnia. The blanket weighs about 15 lbs and the sizes are measured at 60”x80” designed for adults weighing up to 190lbs. It is a rather heavy product made for those who weigh more while people with lesser weight can always opt for ones that weigh about 12lbs or so.

The duvet cover that protects the material and filling inside is dual-sided. Once you finish washing it, you can change the side to create a new feel for the product. Besides, the idea is to promote warmth or a mildly cold feel as the dual-sided duvet cover has a Minky dot fabric that gives warmth during the winter season. The other side uses bamboo making it breathable and ideal for use during hot summers.

Product Highlights

  • The manufacturer has taken the practical issues into consideration and made the CoziRest weighted blanket ideal for both winter and summer.
  • The product has a dual-sided duvet cover making it easier to wash and the materials bamboo/Minky dot makes it more comfortable than traditional weighted blankets.
  • The weight choices, dimensions, and range of colors are plenty allowing you to choose your pick.

No products found.

Bare Home Weighted Blanket 17lb

Bare Home Weighted Blanket 17lb

The Bare Home weighted blanket is available in just three different sizes which should make your shopping experience quick and easier to decide. To provide buyers different choices of size and weights, most big brands opt for a wide range of options. For the average person who is completely new to this scenario, it might make things more confusing which Bare Home solves with this product that weighs about 17lbs and is measured at 60” x 80” making it the ideal size.

When buying weighted blankets, always take the weight and size into consideration. Going for heavy, large blankets is not suggested because they can easily slide off the bed. The right size and combining it with a duvet is ideal for most people. The Bare Home product is made using all-natural cotton material which feels good to touch and provides a cozy, comfortable sleeping experience.

The blanket makes use of an intelligent design which provides a pressurized yet comfortable feel on your body. The overall design is split into different pockets so that the weighted materials are stored properly without any leakage issues. The product is designed to be washed in a machine or can also be hand washed. It is filled with glass beads which increases the overall weight and also contributes to the overall coziness the blanket offers.

Product Highlights

  • Bare Home weighted blankets are easier to choose as it is available only in three sizes, standard, throw size and oversize.
  • The glass beads provide even pressure on the body and choosing the right size will increase your comfort levels.
  • It is available in dark blue, green, and grey.
Bare Home Weighted Blanket Queen Size 17lbs (60" x...
  • SOOTHING COMFORT: A weighted blanket provides gentle, comforting pressure that can help to reduce...

LUNA Weighted Blanket

LUNA Weighted BlanketWeighted blankets are all the rage now and there is a reason why they have become so popular. With many individuals who face sleepless nights and would like to improve the quality of their relaxation time, weighted blankets available in different sizes and weights have become popular. The Luna weighted blanket is on par with the premium brands and quality offered by other manufacturers.

The cotton material is soft to touch, filled with glass beads that are deeply woven into the blanket into different pockets. The design and style ensure weight is distributed across the blanket. The manufacturer also made use of their proprietary technology which uses deep pressure stimulation and the company claims that it has been certified by institutions like Harvard.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the comfort and quality of the blanket. The 400 thread count combined with the use of cooling beads makes it a sweat-free blanket that you can use even in summer. Many weighted blankets have heating-up issues but when you go for a reputed brand and the right kind of materials, you can use it in all kinds of weather conditions.

Product Highlights

  • The Luna weighted blanket is made using high-quality cotton material that gives you a great sleeping experience.
  • It is compatible with duvet covers available in different colors but it should be purchased separately to make your washing sessions easier.
  • The stitching quality is great which keeps beads enclosed and also keeps the weight distribution even.
Luna Cotton Weighted Blankets for Adults Soft...
  • [ Best Bedding Award from Good HouseKeeping ] Embrace luxurious comfort with Luna Cooling weighted...

Cooshi Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs

Cooshi Weighted Blanket 15 Lbs

Cooshi weighted blanket is available in different sizes but the 15lbs variant listed here is a perfect fit for anyone who weighs less than 160lbs. According to the guide, you should always pick the weight of the blanket up to 10% of your total body weight and you can also choose to opt for lower weight in case if it is more comfortable. The weighted blankets exert an even pressure promoting a warm and comfortable sleep.

The materials used to create any weighted blanket plays a big role in delivering the experience you expect from it. The Cooshi product is premium as it is primarily covered using premium cotton that is soft and cozy to touch. Glass beads are the most popular choice among blanket manufacturers and this product too uses the same. A unique aspect is a 12-tie system which is much higher when compared to the conventional 8-tie system to keep the fillings inside.

The Cooshi blanket has its weight spread in such a way that it provides comfortable and slight pressure on the body which would enable you to sleep better. The purpose of weighted blankets has always been about encouraging sleep for people with insomnia and other conditions and this product definitely meets such requirements.

Product Highlights

  • The durability of the Cooshi product is much higher because of the 12-tie system
  • The weight is evenly spread for a very comfortable sleeping experience
Cooshi Adult 15 lb Weighted Blanket Queen Size |...
  • SLEEP MATTERS - YOU MATTER: Get the sleep you need while being gently hugged by your Cooshi weighted...

Roore 20 lb Adult Weighted Blanket

Roore 20 lb Adult Weighted BlanketThe Roore Adult weighted blanket which weighs about 20 lbs is the topmost variant available from the brand. The blanket is measured at 60”x80” ideal for adults who weigh more up to 225 lbs. The product has been designed meticulously that it suits both summer and winter conditions. The cleaning process is simplified with the help of dual-layered outer cover and duvet cover instead of washing the entire weighted blanket.

Among the best weighted blankets, Roore products have always held a special place for their quality and the kind of materials used to make the product. The blanket is filled with glass beads and they are sewn in different layers to make sure the filling doesn’t leak during usage. The weight is much higher on this particular model but you can always go as low as 5lbs.

The outer clothing used on the blanket is quite soft and very comfortable for sleep, relaxing on the couch, or simply to have a cozy experience during the cold winter season. The two-part construction provides better durability for the product. The beads used inside the blanket are odorless and can be used for a long time without any deterioration in the quality of its construction.

Product Highlights

  • The dual-layered design makes the weighted blanket easier to wash and keep clean.
  • The weight choices are plenty as you have the least weight at 5lbs all the way up to 20lbs.
  • It provides value for money.
Roore 20 lb Adult Weighted Blanket I 60x80 I...
  • 💤This weighted blanket is engineered to be 8% to 12% of your body weight. This 20 lb 60”x80”...

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 15 lbs

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 15 lbsWeighted blankets should always be made using a mix of materials to deliver the best experience. Every brand does their best to deliver a premium experience and Hypnoser is there with their premium cotton weighted blanket that makes the blanket breathable irrespective of its weight and build. Designed to be an ideal choice for winter and cold climatic conditions, the blanket retains warmth.

When buying weighted blankets, most users worry about leakage. The branded ones such as Hypnoser makes use of multiple stitching, layered approach, and high-quality exterior sewing to keep the weights in place. The layered setup also ensures even spread of the weight and it completely comforts each body part individually. The double lining adds up to the durability factor.

The Hypnoser weighted blanket is about 15lbs and the measurements are 48”x72”. The size is rather large but it obviously depends on the height and weight of the person who is going to use the product. There are six ties used and the kind of beads used in the product is small in size. While it retains the same weight, the spreading is equally done.

Product Highlights

  • The size of the beads is small and designed to add weight yet be comfortable during use.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Machine washable as a whole blanket and easy to maintain.
HYPNOSER Weighted Blanket Twin Size (15 lbs...
  • [No Leaking Technology] No need worry for leaking. Our Ultra-Premium, Luxury Design and Precision...

How to Make the Most Out of Weighted Blankets

The best weighted blankets made by reputed manufacturers are excellent when used the right way and in perfect conditions. It is most commonly used to reduce insomnia and get a good night’s sleep. People with mental health conditions, teens with ADHD, autism and similar conditions can also make use of it. Besides, considering the comfort it provides, it is one of the most popular gift options during the holidays for the entire family.

Quick Guide

  1. Make sure to choose the right kind of material which suits all kinds of climatic conditions so that your blanket is multi-purpose.
  2. The color choices are plenty. So you are free to select one because the materials used to construct them remains the same.
  3. There are single-layered weighted blankets and dual-layered blankets, the latter is easier to wash and maintain as you can split the duvet cover.
  4. An ideal solution for holiday planning, as weighted blankets have the power to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The best weighted blankets which have good ratings and are favored by buyers are listed above for your convenience. There is always the freedom to choose the model that you like the most in different colors, weight, and sizes to suit your daily usage scenario.