BloomFrame Window Gives Your Home An Expanding Fold-Out Balcony


Need a new window for your high-rise apartment unit or the upstairs floor of your home?  Before laying out your plans and forking out for the construction, try giving the Bloomframe Window a look.

More than just a regular window, it doubles as a folding and expanding balcony.   Closed up, it looks just like a regular window frame, as bland as the lot of them come.  At the push of a button, though, the mechanical controls instantly expand it into an open deck.  It literally gives you a balcony when you want one, without the regular upkeep and continuous cleaning that a perpetually open space requires.

If you live in an apartment building, you will likely find it hard to get a permit to extend a balcony if no one else in the building does.  With a Bloomframe Window, you just might get away with it.  Since each unit is a custom-made affair instead of a pick-me-up at the hardware store, everything from the construction to the material to size can be arranged according to your specifications.  It can, literally, look like a seamless part of the building’s facade – with no telling what lies behind it.

The entire transformation from a wall to a balcony (and back) takes place in under a minute.  If it rains all of a sudden, just run inside, press the button and have your vertical surface back in under a minute.  The Bloomframe Window is available from Hofman Dujardin Architects, with prices depending on the individual requirements.


[BloomFrame via Dornob]