Bora Centipede Workstand Offers The Easiest Way To Bring A Workbench To Any Job Site

Having a proper workbench in a job site can make a huge difference between doing a job cleanly the first time out and having to make adjustments along the way. Suffice to say, you’ll want one if it’s an option. Problem is, packing a workbench and bringing it to a site isn’t always convenient. Unless, of course, it’s something like the Bora Centipede Workstand.

Why is it convenient? Mostly, because it’s not an actual workbench. Instead, these are folding stands that you can use as a base structure to turn any sheet of wood into a functional workbench once you get to the job site. That means, you only need to bring a bunch of foldable legs and frame during transit, all while enjoying a function workbench wherever you are working.

The Bora Centipede Workstand consists of legs connected together by cross brackets that can collapse into a compact bundle, allowing you to tie it down for storing in the boot of the car or stashing inside the accompanying carrying bag. Whether you’re doing repairs on a house in the next block or a job site an hour’s drive away, this thing lets you bring what you need to get a proper workbench set up in just a matter of minutes. Just pair it with a sheet of plywood or some other sturdy board once you get to the site and you’re all good.

Heavy-duty steel construction allows the legs to absorb the impact put on by heavy objects and tools, while smooth polymer caps at the top of the legs ensure it doesn’t damage either the worktop or any of the materials you’re working on. Plus, it ensures the legs don’t take any direct hit, which should help extend their lifespan.

The Bora Centipede Workstand comes with a set of X-shaped brackets and clamps. The former can be used to hold standard 2 x 4 pieces of lumber, allowing them to serve as frames on either end use as a sawhorse, while the latter can be used to secure plywood and similar boards to the legs for use as proper worktops. Once set up, it gets you a workbench standing 30 inches tall, so you never have to bend down, sit, or get on your knees to get stuff done at the site.

It comes in four sizes, each one equipped with four legs, six legs, nine legs, and 15 legs, respectively.  The four-legged model, called CK4S, accommodate a worktop measuring 2 x 2 feet, while the six-legged model, called CK6S, lets you get cracking on a 2 x 4 feet worktop. The nine-legged CK9S model does 4 x 4 feet and the 15-legged CK15S gives you a massive rig with a 4 x 8 feet work surface. According to the outfit, each one can support payloads of 1,500 pounds, 2,500 pounds, 3,500 pounds, and 6,000 pounds, respectively, all while weighing a fraction of the weight (for reference, the 15-legged one is 31 pounds).

The Bora Centipede Workstand is available now.

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