Bullerjan Furnace Heats Your Home Like A Canadian Lumberjack

Gearheads who spend days in the garage need it heated in the dead of winter, too.  And when it comes to heating instruments, we can’t imagine a more suited design than the Bullerjan Furnace.

Developed by Canadian lumberjacks, the enclosed heating chamber is built for practicality, quickly and cheaply warming cabins while using readily-available materials (in lumberjacks’ case, of course, that would be wood).  We’re not sure what inspired the shape, but the locomotive engine look sure makes for quite the visual treat.

The Bullerjan Furnace works independent of oil, gas and electricity, torching wood to provide your space with heating.  When used, air moves from the bottom to the top vents, distributing the heat in a fast and even manner.  According to the product page, the design guarantees a high heating capacity with good heat circulation, steady burn and long glow retention.

With its large combustion chamber and enormous heating capacity, the fiery furnace utilizes nearly all the wood you throw inside, resulting in minimal ash accumulation for later cleaning.  It comes in six capacity sizes (6 to 45 kW) and four different models for varying applications (Classic, Design, Stone and Industry).

Price for the Bullerjan Furnace (aka Bullerjan Free Flow) starts at $2,000.

[Bullerjan via Uncrate]