Use The Big Baggy To Add Storage Pockets To Any Dining Chair


Chairs are awesome. They let you sit down to rest your tired legs, after all. Problem is, chairs always work best with an accompanying table nearby, so you can have a place to set down whatever stuff you have on hand. That, however, won’t be the case if it’s wearing the Chair Wear Big Baggy.

Designed by Bernotat & Co, you simply slip this cover onto the backrest of your chair to immediately reinforce it with a generous selection of storage pockets. Place your laptop on one while you play on your tablet, set the tablet down on another while you read a book, and drop the book into another pocket when you decide to just listen on your headphones instead. Yeah, sometimes, you’re just not sure exactly what you want to do.


The Chair Wear Big Baggy comes with eight pockets, allowing you to store your stuff in an organized manner. Varying pocket sizes offer enough room to accommodate everything from laptops and tablets to tools and toys, with handy loops for hanging headphones, pens, and similar gear. It even comes with a cushion on the seat to provide added comfort while you take a breather from whatever it is you’re doing, with a design that should fit most any type of arm-less dining chair with a backrest width of 48 cm and under. Construction is durable workwear cotton canvas, with a polyurethane cushion.


The catch? The Chair Wear Big Baggy retails for a pricey €199, making it a little tough to swallow, considering it’s a chair cover with pockets. Still, awesome design, though, and one you can probably recreate if you know your way around threads, fabrics, and a sewing machine.

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