ChiliPad Is A Temperature-Changing Bed That Can Help Your Marriage


She likes it hot, you like it cold.  Does that describe how you and your wife like the temperature in the bedroom while you’re sleeping?  Not a problem with the ChiliPad, a clever little bed with a built-in cooling and heating system.

Each bed can have up to two temperature zones, allowing you to keep your side cool and your wife’s side warm.  Yep, even a camel and a polar bear can sleep right next to each other on this thing. No more fighting over the thermostat ever again.

How does it manage that?  The ChiliPad contains more than mattress and springs underneath, sporting a series of coils where water passes through.  It uses the same technology semi-conductors use to keep computers from overheating, changing the direction of electrons to either cool or heat the flowing water.

The temperature can be controlled by a remote, going anywhere from 46 degrees to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  It uses a  motor installed in the bed to pump the water through the tubes.  Don’t worry, it’s silent (under 20dB), so you don’t have to put up with the constant sound of a motor running inside your bedroom.

According to its creators, the ChiliPad only uses a fraction of the energy that regular air conditioning uses, so you should expect up to 15% savings in your electric bills.   The temperature changes are spread evenly across the defined zone too, so if you only use a single setup in your bed, you can end up on any side and still enjoy the same comfort.

ChiliPad is available in different mattress sizes.  Prices range from $399 to $499 for the single zone beds and $599 to $649 for dual zone units.

[Chili Technology via Coolest Gadgets]