Chillchaser Poseidon Is A Lanky Patio Heater With An Unwatchable Media Player


Looking to heat up a small area of the house during the coming cold months?  How about enjoying a movie while you’re at it?  That’s what Chillchaser had in mind when they put together the Poseidon, a patio heater with an integrated media player.

Of course, the video capability feels more like a tragic joke, being that the screen looks barely bigger  than a touchscreen phone’s.  Still, if you’re willing to risk burning the lower parts of your body, you can idle closer to enjoy it.


The Poseidon employs carbon fiber heating, delivering instant temperature adjustments with either 1.35 or 2.70 kW setting .  It uses electricity for operation (plugs into 220 to 240V), allowing it to work without emitting carbon dioxide gases, which is one of the more pressing concerns for gas-based heaters.


According to the company, it can deliver heat up to an area of four meters at a 110 degree angle, features weather-proof construction and utilizes replaceable elements that should be good for up to 8,000 hours of use.  The killer feature, however, is the slab of color LCD on the four-position adjustable head.  Why is it killer?  Because you’d probably kill whoever came up with the idea of outfitting an outdoor heater with such a small screen.

That bizzare media capability aside, the Chillchaser Poseidon looks like a great way to get some heat the next time you’re lounging outdoors.  Costs around $1,419.

[Chillchaser via Appliancist]