Cool And Funky Laptop Skins From Glennz Tees


Glenn Jones produces some of the coolest shirt designs available online, via his Glennz Tees outfit.  Sporting unusual creativity, lively colors and funky humor, they’re definitely worthy of all the attention that they get.

Of course, these inspired creations deserve to adorn more than just some random dork’s body.  With the company’s recent decision to expand their product line, the same random dorks now get to outfit Glenn’s designs onto their laptops too.

Twenty-four of their more popular designs are currently available as laptop skins, ready to emblazon your notebook (regular notebooks only – no love for netbooks and ultraportables yet) with the quaint brand of humor that they manage to pull off so well.  Designs include the classic “What Would MacGyver Do?” (with a drawing of a depleted toilet paper roll) and the brilliantly-conceptualized “Experimental Music” (which merges band instruments with a laboratory rig).

You can literally turn your laptop’s frame from style-less and dispassionate to a quirky kind of cool, simply by slapping one of these awesome skins.  Be prepared for the ogling and the inevitable “Where’d you get that” queries, as well.

Glennz Tees is currently selling the designs in four sizes, custom-fitted for 13-,14-,15- and 17-inch laptops, respectively. Each skin can be ordered for $17.95 apiece.

[Glennz Tees via Coty Gonzales]