Dainese Tattoo Professional Bodysuit: Look Even More Badass With A Bike


Protective gear for motorcyclists has always looked cool.  This Tattoo Ykz design from Dainese, however, just steals my heart.  How much more badass can you get?

Each gorgeous Tattoo Professional Bodysuit comes adorned with tattoo-inspired prints that totally reinforce both the danger and artfulness of racing.  It sports Japanese Samurai and Maori motifs (from Australian tattoo artist, Luca Ionesco) that look absolutely pristine against the gorgeous black leather.  Detailings include Zama (a zinc, aluminum and manganese alloy) shoulder pads and bi-axial elastic inserts that allow the fabric impressive dynamic qualities, stretching and accommodating all kinds of movements while clad on it.

The new racing gear is produced using Dainese’s patented D-TEC, which is touted as a complex and innovative technology solely available from the company’s Technology Centre in Molvena.  No Chinese factory touches this outfit, which is crafted out of Kangaroo hide and Lorica black leather, bonded togeter by thermo-adhesive film.  To create the the tattoo designs, the shapes are carved out of the Lorica, exposing the lighter-colored Kangaroo hide beneath it.

Riding a Ducati is cool, but sprinting in one with this thing hugging your form is just a whole other level of awesome.  Unfortunately, all suits come in just one design.  Who cares, though,  right?

[Dainese Tattoo via Freshness]