Dometic CFX2 Boasts Energy-Efficient Electric Cooler Function

We’re not entirely sure about the differences between Dometic’s existing CFX3 electric coolers and their new CFX2 line. They have similar temperature settings, three-stage battery protection, and even a companion app for controlling operations remotely. Sure, they look different, but there has to be further differences under the shell, right? Plus, why does the new line have a lower number than the previous one? All the questions aside, we’re pretty excited about the outfit’s new Dometic CFX2 line of electric coolers.

Designed to sit in the boot of SUVs and crossovers, the portable fridge is billed as an ideal companion for “family road trips, camping weekends, and backyard barbecues,” allowing you to keep drinks cold and food fresh the same way your fridge does at home. No need to fill up a cooler with ice and hope it keeps for as long as possible – this thing lets you keep your supplies chilled and frozen, so long as you can keep it powered.

The Dometic CFX2 is a single-zone portable fridge-freezer equipped with a VMSO3 compressor that offers a wide temperature range from -7 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s right, it can go down as low as -7 degrees, allowing you to not just chill drinks, but outright freeze meats and anything else you want. Heck, it can keep ice cream frozen if you want to keep a tub or two in the back of your car at all times.

According to the outfit, it operates in an energy-efficient manner, more so than competing electric coolers in the market. How efficient? The outfit says, it uses 85 percent less power than a 60W light bulb, using up just 8.8 Wh during a single hour of use.

The Dometic CFX2 has no built-in battery, so you’ll have to hook it up to your car’s DC port at all times. Alternatively, you can hook it up to a large power station if you don’t mind keeping one along with the electric cooler in the boot. You can also plug it to a wall outlet if you want to use it as a mini-fridge in the garage. When plugged in the car, by the way, it boasts a three-stage battery protection system that monitors the battery draw at all times to ensure it doesn’t drain your car battery empty.

Because it’s single-zone, you can only set a single temperature for the entire cooler compartment, so you can’t have fridge and freezer sections, which can be problematic if you want to freeze meats, keep ice cream, and chill drinks at the same time. There is. however, a crisper section above the compressor, which you can probably use to keep stuff chilled if you decide to set it to freezing temperatures. Plus, it’s still a heck of a lot more convenient than a traditional cooler. Other features include a removable wire basket for organizing the contents, an interior LED light, physical controls right on the side, a companion app to let you adjust temperature on the fly, a removable lid, ABS folding handles, and stainless steel hinges.

The Dometic CFX2 is available in four sizes, from 28L to 57L. Price starts at $599.99.

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